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In the previous topic we have seen how to create our app. Now that that we have created it, we have to complete it defining the design and may adding some sections.

First thing we recommend after create the app is download it to your mobile device, this way we can see how the app is running. You only need to download it once and then all the changes we make from our control panel will be reflected in the app (just closing and reopening it).

We can download the app from the left menu ("Download app" option). When we download and install the app on our device it's normal that a security warning message is displayed. This message is given by most mobile devices when you try to install an app that isn't yet published in Google Play. We must accept this message to install the app. Later we will see how to publish the app in Google Play.

About design there are several aspects that we can decide. All design options are under "General info" > "Design":

  • Colors: We can establish a general color scheme. We recommend to set one of four styles labeled "Material" as these are more modern combinations, however it depends of the style that we want to give to our app.
  • Menu types: You can choose from 3 menu types: Top menu, Sliding menu, and Table type menu. We recommend to test the three menu types to check which is best to our app.
  • Main icon: This icon is very important because it's always displayed in the app at the top left. From this option we can change it.
  • Loading image: The image displayed while loading the app. We can put an image different that the main icon. We also can hide it and not show any image.

Another important feature that we can use is to display a welcome message to the app. In this message we can put, for example, who we are, app policies, privacy policies, an explanation of the app, etc. The option to display this message is in "General info" > "Launch message".

In addition to design, the most important is probably the app sections. At the time of create the app some sections has been created depending of the choices you have made in the wizard. Sections can be managed from the "Sections" section.

From "Sections" you can add new sections, modify and delete existing sections. Another feature that can be done is to change the sections order. To do it you only have to drag sections up or down and, after, press "Save sort order" button.

If at the time of creating the app we have followed the recommendations in this guide, you have created at least one Chat type section and a Users finder type section. If not, now we can create them.

Number of sections and their type depends exclusively of the type of app that you wish to create. There is no specific requirement to create a section or other but, as we mentioned at the beginning of the guide, if we want to create an app with many users, it's highly recommended to have at least a Chat section and a Users finder section.

Once we've configured the design and sections of the app, we've already configured the most important. From here you can go making adjustments and trying different options of your control panel to refine your app.

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