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Create a successful app

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In the previous topic we have seen that one of the most available ways to make money online is by creating an application for mobiles (app) and gain many users that use it. In this topic we will see how to create this app. allows to create many different types of apps but we need to create an app that is interesting to the greatest number of people possible and, at the same time, these users visit the app frequently. (So ads shown in the app will be seen more times and therefore you will make more money).

We recommend you to create an app where users can communicate with other users. This offers itself a dynamic content (which changes frequently) and causes users to access very often to see updates and actions of other users. The goal is to create a community of users (social network).

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Create an app of this kind with is very fast, but before we begin, we have to know which will be the theme of our app.

There are infinite themes. We put here merely as examples some themes that we believe would be interesting to create a successful app:

  • App about mountain bikes with some chats to discuss about routes, mechanical issues and challenges. Users could put pictures of their bikes in his profile. They could also see how far other users are to meet someone.
  • App about cinema where users could talk to other users about their favorite movies. There could be for example, a chat about film premieres, another about a particular movie, etc.
  • App on a specific town where residents and visitors could talk to each other. There could be a section of interesting places, other about parties, etc.
  • App about a famous game, about a TV show, etc.

Once we have decided the theme we must decide a name for the app. It must be a short name, about 15 or 20 characters, because it's the one that will be displayed next to the icon of the app once the app is installed on the phone (or tablet).

Just the other very important element to decide is the icon of the app. If you don't have any knowledge about design software it's more practical to find an image that is already created and that identifies our app. For example we can use or to find icons.

Once we know the theme, name and icon of our app we can proceed to create it. To make this you must first create an account. This can be done easily from the "Sign up" button which is on home.

Once the account is created we can access to our control panel and, from there, the first time you will access directly to the wizard to create an app. All choices we make at the time of creating the app can be modified later from the control panel, so you shouldn't worry too much if you don't have clear some choices.

On the first page we will be asked for the app name and icon. On the following page we will select a color scheme. We can change it later in detail. On the next page we must select the type of app you want to create. As we have said we want to create an app like "Chat, Social Network", so select this type.

In the following pages we are asked about which elements we want to include in the app. First we are asked if we want to include contact information. If you don't want to show any contact info leave "No" selected and press "Next".

Then we are asked if we want to put a link to any web. We can set it or not.

Then we are asked if we want to put a chat. Is important to answer Yes because a chat in the app will give to it a lot of activity and will allow users to talk to each other. Selecting "Yes", two selection boxes appear. Mark the first only if you want to include a global chat finder, that is, if we mark this option we allow our users to search and participate in chats created in other apps. Mark the second box only if you want that our chat appear in the global chat finder, therefore, we would allow to users of other apps to participate in our chat. You have to mark or not these options depending of the privacy that you want to give to your chat.

On the next page we are asked if we want to include a Users finder in the app. Please select "Yes". This will include a section in the app where users can see all other user profiles of the app with photos, comments, likes, etc. On choose "Yes" a select box appears, if you mark it, in this section will appear users profiles of other apps that also have this option selected. Therefore, if this option is selected, the profiles of your app users also will appear in other apps. Again, depends of the privacy you want to give to your app if select or not this option.

Finally, on the last page, we are asked if we want to create a section in the app with our text and images. If we want to create it select "Yes" and enter the information you want.

In this page, on press Next button, the app will be created and we will access to the apps management page. In the next topic we will see how we can complete our app.

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