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Place ads in your app to make money

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To make money with our app we have to put ads on it. There is another way to make money that consists in establish a price to download the app but we must say that it's certainly a difficult way to make money because very few users are ready to pay to download an app that doesn't know.

Therefore we will focus on make money by placing ads in the app.

It's really easy to put ads on our app and make money with it. Obviously the money we will win depends on the number of users that visit the app but is also comforting to know that there is no minimum number of users to start to make money with our app.

We don't have to take care of search advertisers for our app. It works as follows: We must sign up in Admob, Appnext,, Unity Ads or Monetag. Once account is created we will create "ad units". Then we will go to the control panel and we'll put these codes in the "Ads" section of our app. After a few minutes our app will begin to show ads and these companies will pay us based on ads performance.

Let's see the process in more detail:

For, once we have created the account, we need to access our control panel, go to the "Monetize" tab and click the "Monetize new app" button. First we're asked which app we want to monetize. We must select the option to manually add the app, put the name of the app and select the Android platform.

In the second step we have to select "Banner" and leave all the default options as they appear. Only we have to enter a name for the banner (Eg "banner1"). Then click the "Save" button.

When you save, banner code (Ad unit ID) will appear. Eg. ca-app-pub-5241285385654134/2685649315.

We have to copy this code and paste in "Ads" section in control panel. In "Ads" section we have to put it below of "BANNER ads" in the field "Admob Ad unit ID". We can also choose if show the banner at the top or at the bottom of the app pages. Then click "Save" to save settings.

By now we have set up Admob banners in our app and, in a few minutes, our app will start to display ads.

Now we need to configure the interstitial ad type (full screen). For this purpose, in the Admob control panel, we have to press "New ad unit" button.

This time, in the page that opens select "Interstitial" instead of "Banner". We leave the default options and put a name such as "Interstitial1". Then click "Save" button and our interstitial code (Ad unit ID) appears. As we have done with the banner, we have to copy the code in the "Ads" section of, but this time we put the code under "INTERSTITIAL ads" in the "Admob Ad unit ID" field. We can leave the other options as they are or modify them as we wish. Finally press "Save" button.

Now we also have configured the interstitial ads, so in a few minutes these kind of ads will appear on our app.

From our Admob account we can track the number of daily impressions of each banner, clicks and the benefits we obtain. Admob will pay us for every click that users make in our ads. Needless to say that is absolutely forbidden that we click on ads of our app. Admob easily would detect this situation and would cancel our Admob account. Is also forbidden to ask our users for click on ads.

In the following address you can see the Admob official support and rules for the apps managers:

Appnext, unlike Admob, rather than pay per click, it pays for installing apps that it promotes. Admob contains very different ads types and products, instead, Appnext only announces apps for Android and you will be paid for each installation your users make of these apps.

This doesn't mean it's better or worse than Admob, it's just different and it turns it into a nice complement to monetize your app.

The first step is sign up in After, inside the Appnext control panel you have to go to "Apps" section. Then you have to press the "Add app" button. In the window that opens we must select "Android" platform and enter the URL of the app(For example, url of the app on Google Play). Then press "Next" button to continue.

On next page we will put in the "App name" field the name of your app (don't have to be the exact name). No need to put an icon so we can press "Next" to continue.

On the next page we select 3 categories related to the app. (Games, Music, etc.).

On the next page where it says "Note from the Publisher" no need to put anything. We can press "Next" to finish. Now our code (Placement ID) will appear and we will copy it and paste in the "Ads" section.

We will go to the "Ads" section of our AppCreator24 control panel and we will put the code in the two "Appnext placement ID" fields. If we want to have a different code for BANNER ads and INTERSTITIAL ads then we have to repeat the above process to create a new code.

Then click "Save" button and from that moment Appnext ads will appear in your app.

Is really easy to show ads in your app.

It isn't necessary to create "ad units". Simply copy the app code provided by them (APP ID) and paste it into your AppCreator24 control panel.

So, we have to put the same APP ID in the fields of AppCreator24 where we want to show ads (Banners, Interstitials, ..)

Unity Ads

First we have to create an "Unity ID" from

Once created, in our Unity control panel we will go to "Unity Dashboard" from which we will access to the monetization service(Monetize).

We have to enter a project name. For example we can put the name of our app.

Once created and we're in the "Monetize" section, we will press "Enable Ads" button to activate the monetization service. When activating it we have to select the "No mediation" option.

Unity Ads has three types of ads (Placements): Rewarded video, Interstitial video and Banner. We have to copy the "Placement ID" to our control panel in the corresponding field according to the type of ad (Rewarded Video, Interstitial and Banner respectively).

If you put the codes of more than one ads network(Admob, Appnext, etc.), these will be alternated in your app.


With Monetag you can show interstitial ads with a high cpm.

Monetag have several kinds of ads. You can use DirectLink ads in your AppCreator24 apps.

This format opens the advertiser web site directly giving you a high cpm earnings.

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