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Guide to create Android apps and make money

┐How to make money with internet?

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Main ways to make money online are:

Create an online store and sell products.

  • In this case is required a strong knowledge of the products and the entire sales process (Stocks, order handling, packaging, shipping, sales care, etc.)
  • It's a complex initiative. It requires to know the business and everything around it. We would recommend this option only if businesses already have a physical store and want to expand to internet.
  • Today there are already hundreds of online stores and for our succeed, we should invest in promoting it and adjust prices as much as possible.

Another way to make money is creating a web or mobile app with interesting contents, and include advertisements.

  • This option is reachable to everyone. Nowadays, thanks to tools like, anyone can create a mobile application and include advertising in it.
  • There are also tools to create websites, but there are already thousands of sites of all possible topics and, make a site that has many daily users, is very complex because great positioning knowledge is needed and, also, hopefully to appear in the first results of Google searches.
  • Instead, mobile apps is a world in expansion and it allows anyone to create an app and quickly get a high number of daily users and, consequently, earn money from advertising that we put in the app.
  • We need not worry at all to get advertisers to our app. You simply need to register with Admob, Appnext, etc. and these companies will give us a code to put in our app. From that moment our app will begin to show ads of different advertisers. Then these companies will pay you based on ads performance.
  • Obviously, as more users use our app, more money we'll make.

Therefore, to make money you need to create a mobile app and get as many users as possible.

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