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Maintaining our app

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Once we've created our app, we've put our ads codes, and we've published it in Google Play, we have to do something to keep users interested in regularly access the app.

If we do nothing users can keep some interest in access again to our app because, for example, they receive notices when someone makes a comment on his profile or when someone participates in chat of the app, but we can take action so this interest to access to the app is much higher.

It is very important to send notifications to users on a regular basis (e.g. once or twice a week). Notifications are text messages that reach all users of the app almost instantly and allow them to open the app immediately, so this is a very powerful tool to achieve that users who have already installed the app revisit it again.

Examples of notifications would be to send news related to the topic of app. For example, on a mountain bike app you could inform about the development of a new model of bike, or you could inform about the organization of a trip, etc.

Another thing we can do to maintain interest in the app is to create or renew content of the app. For example we can add a Web section to open a relationed and interesting site. We might change this web every week and label section as "Web of the week". At each change we could send a notification to our users. This is just an idea and it's up to the creativity of the administrator of the app to do this or other ideas.

Notifications are sent from "Send messages" section and you can see the number of users that are notified and the number of users that open them.

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